Week 1 Update – Planning

Finishing my first week on my podcast project has been such a learning experience. I couldn’t get started on my project immediately due to prior obligations in the first half of the week, but I quickly was able to get on track with my schedule again. 

This week I:

  • Revised my project idea and outline
  • Set up a project management system in Trello
  • Built my landing page template
  • Became reacquainted in Audacity
  • Scheduled my first two podcast episode guests

Project Outline:

Originally my project outline was far broader and had disconnected ideas. There wasn’t a clear focus on what the project would be besides having a podcast be part of it. So I focused upon connecting the dissonant ideas into something more cohesive. Ultimately I settled on the project being a podcast where I interview experts on marketing and operations to enhance my own, and the audience’s, understanding and application of those roles. And research into SEO and the application of a marketing campaign for the podcast to promote it, all while building my skills in marketing. With a tutorial on the creation of this podcast being a facet of the project as well.

Landing Page:

I decided on putting the landing page of my project on my personal website, so the audience has the opportunity to see the website I have created, my blog, and other portfolio projects. Currently, I only have the foundation of the landing page and it will be updated as I progress further into my project.

Task Management System:

For task management, I prefer using Trello, especially for projects that are divided into weeks. This is because Trello is very simplistic and easy to create boards that focus upon each week of the project, where I can then divide it up into lists and cards ranked by priority. And for scheduling recording, editing, writing, etc. I used Google Calendar so I can easily send invites confirming dates and times to the people I am interviewing, and can get notifications to my phone so I can stay on schedule.

Audacity, Equipment, and Interview Requests

To end the week I did a refresher on Audacity, so I can properly understand how to record and edit in the software. And alongside that, I did a rundown of my equipment and software that I will be using for the podcast to make sure I have everything and that they work correctly: my microphone, recording software (Audacity), and a virtual audio mixer.

My final objective for the first week was to send out interview requests to my colleagues and people I admire who specialize in either marketing, operations, or both. And I was able to schedule two podcast interviews for week two!

What I will Be Working on Next:

For week two I will be recording and editing the two podcast interviews, designing the logo for the podcast, research which platform I will host the podcast on, and familiarizing myself with the marketing tools I will be using: Facebook ads, Mailchimp, and HubSpot. I will also create videos detailing my process of planning, recording, and editing the podcast, to act as a tutorial for starting a podcast. Check out my week two update here!

Head back to my landing page here!

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