Week 2 Update – Recording and Editing

This is my second weekly update in my month-long creation of a podcast. I created a podcast focused upon interviewing people in marketing and operations positions to create a resource for people to gain new knowledge and skills to thrive in those positions. The secondary goal of the podcast is to utilize the knowledge I gain to specifically market the podcast.

In week 1, I had focused on planning, outlining, and creating a project management system for my portfolio project. This week I began to follow through on my plans.

This week I:

This week I dived headfirst into the recording and editing part of the podcast after scheduling a few interviews. Originally I had only two episodes planned to record and edit, but due to having to take the schedules of the people I am interviewing into account I was able to record the third episode. 

There was a cost that came with the way I did things this week though. Due to having to adapt to other people’s schedules, I had to change up my schedule and swap the order that I wanted to do things.

Next week:

  • I will edit the third podcast episode
  • I will create a podcast logo
  • I will research SEO and how to best utilize it in show notes, Facebook ads, and email marketing campaigns
  • I will write show notes for the first three podcast episodes
  • I will find a host website for the podcast and upload those first three episodes on all the major platforms
  • I will create two Facebooks ads for the podcast
  • I will send follow-up emails to people I sent emails to ask if they would like to be interviewed for the podcast

Week three will focus a lot more on research into various things such as SEO, Facebook ads, copywriting, and publishing podcast episodes. Before I changed my schedule that research was broken up into two weeks, but I believe now that it actually would work better if all this research and application is done in one week. Check out my week three update to see my progress in my podcast and marketing endeavor.

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