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The Genius of Tesla’s Marketing

Tell me, have you heard of Tesla? Chances are you have. It seems as if Tesla has been dominating the electric vehicle industry and the social consciousness of millennials, so much so that they have reached record profits and the number of cars sold.… Continue Reading “The Genius of Tesla’s Marketing”

Bartenders: The Best Salesmen

It’s 8:30am on a Sunday morning, I’m two coffees and a fried egg sandwich deep trying to get enough energy and muster up the courage to check my bank account after going to the bar the night before with friends… *Jaw drops to the… Continue Reading “Bartenders: The Best Salesmen”

Bartending: The Perfect Customer Success Primer

Now, I’m sure when you think of customer success your first thought goes to a call center or someone in an office. What if I told you bartending is an amazing primer to customer success, based upon my firsthand experience? First though let’s talk… Continue Reading “Bartending: The Perfect Customer Success Primer”