Week 3 Update – Research and Setting Up the Podcast Host Site

This is my third weekly update in my month-long creation of a podcast. I created a podcast focused upon interviewing people in marketing and operations positions to create a resource for people to gain new knowledge and skills to thrive in those positions. The secondary goal of the podcast is to utilize the knowledge I gain to specifically market the podcast.

In week 2, I had focused on recording and editing podcast episodes. This week I continued editing, researched SEO in relation to podcasts, how to set up a podcast host site, and how to use Canva.

This week I:

  • Finalized the logo for the podcast; I used Canva to create it, and I’m learning how to use Canva to create visuals for Facebook ads.
  • Created a tutorial video on the basics of editing.
  • Found a podcast hosting site and learned how to utilize it
  • Edited the third episode of the podcast.
  • Did in-depth research on how to utilize SEO for podcasts and show notes.
  • Scheduled the next podcast episode for next week, and I’m in the process of scheduling the fifth episode as well.

This week I focused far more on research. I researched a variety of different things: using Canva, utilizing SEO and writing show notes, and setting up a podcast website. As the week developed, I realized this would require more research than I initially thought. So my plans for the week changed from researching and implementing, to just researching. I was able to get started on the framework for everything though, with my new goal being to implement and publish the podcast with these episodes, show notes, and ads within the first three days of the final week. 

One of the biggest tips I can give to someone who is starting a podcast by themselves is to leave some wiggle room in their schedule. Sometimes guests can’t make the original recording time, or you need more time to research or to edit. Scheduling in some wiggle room/ a backup plan can be highly beneficial when you’re starting a podcast. It’s the whole reason I chose to postpone the implementation of my research because I planned some blank time into my schedule in case something goes awry. I learned this in the prior week when I had to schedule my podcast episodes and I had to change my schedule during that week to accommodate my guests.

Next week:

  • I will record and edit the fourth podcast episode.
  • I will create two Facebook/Instagram ads and use Canva to create the images for them.
  • I will implement my SEO research into my show notes for each podcast episode.
  • I will use Mailchimp to create an email subscriber newsletter.
  • I will finalize the schedule for the fifth episode and hopefully record and edit it as well.
  • And definitely expect videos and posts where I go more in-depth into Canva, Facebook/Instagram ads, an email subscriber newsletter, and utilizing SEO for your podcast.

Week four will be the final week of my project. Due to my desire to extend my research that I had planned for week three, some things got pushed back into week four. But I planned ahead in case something like that happened, and although much of this week focused on research, I was able to start on the Facebook ads, images, and show notes. Check out my week four update to see my final progress in my podcast and marketing endeavor (Create a link to week 4 update).

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