Bartending: The Perfect Customer Success Primer

Now, I’m sure when you think of customer success your first thought goes to a call center or someone in an office. What if I told you bartending is an amazing primer to customer success, based upon my firsthand experience?

First though let’s talk about why people go to bars, it’s definitely not for the prices! Going to the grocery store or liquor store is far cheaper and more cost-effective. So, why do people still go to bars? Well, there are several reasons why!

  • The welcoming atmosphere
  • Engaging hospitality
  • Community
  • Meaningful and fun conversations

All of which the bartender is a deciding factor in creating!

Bartenders always strike up conversations with their guests in an amicable manner! All while helping the guest come to the best drink for them through their deep knowledge and understanding about all their products. Every day when I go to work I strike up a conversation with my guests first, what they’re looking for, and how I can help them! Most people don’t have an extensive knowledge about alcohol, so a bartender is able to answer all questions they have and are able to point them to the best drink for them!

Multi-tasking is a huge part of being a bartender due to bars getting busy. Being able to manage and take multiple orders at once while still being friendly and helping a guest get the best drink for them is something we do every day. We do this by:

  • Optimizing our workspace
  • Memorizing orders
  • Understanding drink products
  • And ascertaining quickly what a guest needs

Obviously, people have specific ways of doing things, but oftentimes a monkey wrench is going to be thrown into those plans. Being able to quickly adapt to a situation in order to ensure customer satisfaction is something we excel at. Take for example one of the many times I had to adapt in the bar!

One of my regulars only drinks our movie promotional drinks (A lot of ingredients for these), and he comes in when the bar is incredibly busy. So, I grab the ingredients ahead of time while I’m making other drinks for people ahead in line and I make his drink at the same time, that way the line is sped up, and he and the other guests are happy! Creating a happy guest that you are able to build a relationship with is what creates regulars!

Regulars are living examples that bartenders understand and shine at customer success! Having someone repeatedly come back to your business for your services and products means you’re excelling at customer success. 

In my bar, one of my regulars always got Angry Orchard with Fireball whiskey, but we stopped selling Fireball. So, naturally I helped her come to the next best whiskey that paired best with the hard cider, because of this, she is now a regular specifically for me! Because I reached out and suggested an alternative she specifically only comes in on days I work because I was able to help her!

Bartending builds a deep understanding of how to build and thrive at customer success! Be it through multi-tasking, adapting, understanding the product and the customer, and building and engaging in a friendly atmosphere!

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